Your teeth and gums are part of your body, and like every other part of your body you need good nutrition to function properly. Please include in your list of favorite foods the following types to preserve good oral health.

Cheese: loved by many people, cheese is considered a beneficial food for oral health thanks to its high calcium and protein content.

Milk: not only helps you to have a healthy body, but thanks to the very high amount of calcium and phosphorus, milk is a source of added health to your tooth enamel.

Fresh vegetables: fresh vegetables such as celery, carrots when eaten raw have a stimulating effect on your gums, thereby maintaining your oral health. In addition, the amount of beta carotene from carrots is also a great source of vitamin A, contributing to healthy teeth.

Apples: according to many studies, apples are called “natural toothbrushes”. According to Reader’s Digest, apples have substances that stimulate the benefits and reduce the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Chewing apples also stimulates the flow of saliva, reducing the acidity of the mouth as well as cleaning food debris.

Kale: kale contains a fairly high amount of calcium, which helps build a strong tooth enamel skeleton. In addition, kale contains folic acid, 1 type of B vitamin with health benefits that can even treat gum diseases in pregnant women.

Fish: According to studies in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, Omega-3 fish oils and EPA have been shown to reduce the risk of periodontal disease. In addition, cold-water fish such as tuna, salmon … is a good source of vitamin D and heart-friendly fats.

Almonds, walnuts: chewing dry nuts stimulates salivation, neutralizes carious bacteria. Almonds contain high levels of calcium while walnuts contain a whole range of vitamins and minerals including vitamin E, potassium and potassium compounds that are beneficial for teeth.

Cranberries: scientists have discovered 1 compound in cranberries that can prevent bacteria from sticking to teeth and prevent plaque formation

Black tea or green tea: although not a food, black and green tea contain polyphenols that help slow down the growth of bacteria related to tooth decay and periodontal diseases. In addition, polyphenols also work to reduce the bad smell of breath.

Raisins: phytochemicals found in raisins have been shown to fight bacteria in the mouth that cause tooth decay and gum diseases.

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