Removable dentures are prosthetic methods to replace one tooth, many teeth or all missing teeth. Along with implants and bridges, this is one of the solutions to improve chewing function, especially for the elderly. There are two types of removable dentures: removable plastic jaws and removable frame jaws


Removable plastic dentures are a classic restoration method to replace many teeth or all lost teeth when the patient does not want to grind teeth or implant implants. Removable plastic dentures have a function and aesthetics that are relatively similar to real teeth and are often indicated for elderly patients.


Applicable cases:
  • The patient lost one or more teeth or lost all teeth

  • Patients who have lost 3 or more teeth do not want to do bridges or implant dental implants
  • The patient is appointed by the doctor to combine Implant in case of loss of all teeth, removable jaws on round (ball) implant posts.



Advantages and disadvantages of removable plastic dentures:
1. Advantages:
Cost savings
Chewing quite well
Relatively good aesthetics:  In today’s increasingly advanced technology and materials, removable dentures are crafted with the same color as real gums and teeth.
2. Cons:
The chewing power of the denture is not high, the patient has to abstain from some hard, tough, flexible foods…
Patients need to clean removable dentures regularly
After a period of use, the oral fluid absorbed into the denture made the denture smell bad
Removable dentures are easy to fall, break, and deform if the patient does not know how to take good care of them
Some partial removable dentures have metal hooks that will be “exposed” to the outside, reducing aesthetics.



Frame jaw is a semi-removable prosthetic whose main part is a metal frame, the entire alloy structure of the frame (hook, saddle, connecting rod) is cast together into one block and the replacement teeth are attached to the acrylic resin prosthetic saddle.


Applicable cases:
  • Loss of teeth alternating with tooth loss is too long to make a permanent restoration


  • Loss of posterior teeth and no longer limited distal teeth

  • Missing teeth on one side of the jaw.
  • Some patients with missing teeth are prescribed fixed restorations but do not want to grind their teeth.
Advantages and disadvantages of removable frame jaws
1. Advantages:
Less prone to breakage than plastic jaws
More hygienic
Not entangled like removable plastic jaws
Better chewing force
2. Cons:
More complex clinical and laboratory techniques
More modern lab equipment
Treatment costs are higher than removable plastic jaws.

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