Children’s dentistry focuses on the care and prevention of oral diseases in children, and early intervention to prevent the baby’s teeth and jaw misalignment later on.

When should children start regular dental check-ups?

Children start to grow their first teeth from 5-6 months old, by about 2 years old, children will have all 20 baby teeth. Some children have the phenomenon of missing milk teeth (also known as caries) very early. However, with young children who are difficult to cooperate with doctors, it is important to take care from the family. Normally, families should take their children to regular dental check-ups from about 3 years old. The purpose of these first visits is to familiarize your baby with the clinic environment, with the doctor, and with common dental tools. Professionally, this is called the “dental walk” process. After getting used to the clinic environment, the children should be examined periodically about every 6 months to detect and prevent tooth decay, and have some early intervention measures to prevent teeth from being displaced later.

The process of children’s dental examination at iMed Dental Clinic

It can be said that treating children’s teeth is an art, requiring a doctor not only with good expertise but also a person who is extremely patient, psychological and loves children. Convincing children to agree to cooperate is sometimes more difficult than treatment, especially for children who are shy or have had a bad impression at the first time of dental treatment. At iMed dentistry, all doctors adhere to the correct principles when treating children’s teeth, which is respect – patience – love. Instead of forcing, bullying, threatening, the doctor will get to know, share and explain to gain the trust of the children, then the cooperation will become much simpler. A typical procedure for pediatric patients visiting iMed dentistry will include the following steps:
  • Getting to know: the doctor will chat to understand the basic information of the child such as name, age, personality, medical history …
  • Dental trip: the children will be led by the doctor to visit the clinic, familiarize themselves with the dental chair and dental tools. For children, this will be an airplane trip (tooth chair), using a mechanical brush or water jet (handpiece) to clean their teeth or catch big worms…
  • Carrying out treatment: after the child feels close to and trusts the doctor and is no longer afraid of dental instruments, the doctor will conduct the treatment. During the treatment, the doctor will continue to explain and encourage and motivate the child to complete the treatment.

Children’s dental examination and treatment services at iMed Dental Clinic

At iMed dental, we provide the following services for children’s teeth:
  • Regular dental check-ups
  • Milk tooth extraction
  • Welding and root canal treatment of milk teeth
  • Prevention of tooth decay with fluoride and sealant
  • Growth orthodontics
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