According to the World Health Organization – WHO, periodontitis is ranked 11th among the most common diseases globally. Notably, according to the 2017 National Oral Health Survey, more than 90% of Vietnamese people have dental disease and Vietnam is one of the 20 countries with the highest rate of periodontal disease in the Asia-Pacific region.
What is periodontitis?
Periodontitis is a condition in which the tissues around the teeth, including the gums, alveolar bone, and ligaments (periodontal ligaments) become infected. If this condition is not treated, it will lead to chronic diseases such as chronic gingivitis, receding gums, loose teeth, even tooth loss…
Symptoms of periodontitis
  • Gums from pink to dark red, swollen or swollen, easy to bleed
  • The gums are soft, do not hug the teeth, there is a space greater than 3mm between the gums and teeth
  • Receding gums exposing the roots of the teeth
  • Bleeding or pus at the root of the tooth
  • Painful, sensitive gums
  • Bad breath
  • Loose teeth

Where does periodontitis come from?
The root cause of periodontal disease is tartar plaque. Bacteria in tartar release toxins that trigger a local inflammatory response. Failure to clean tartar and plaque will create favorable factors for bacteria to accumulate more and more, causing gingivitis from mild to severe and gradually causing bone loss, gum recession, complications into periodontitis.
Thus, the most effective way to prevent periodontitis is to have regular dental check-ups so that the doctor can examine and give the best treatment plan. Early treatment will save costs as well as avoid serious complications later for the patient.
Current treatments for periodontitis
1. Take tartar, apply anti-inflammatory drugs, gums

2. Squeeze periodontal tray, use topical periodontitis medicine

3. Periodontal surgery using laser technology

4. Surgical treatment of alveolar bone resorption using Emdogain regenerative agent

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