Porcelain teeth are crowns that cover part or all of the crown of a tooth to protect the tooth or recreate the shape and color of the tooth. Porcelain teeth are considered as a shield to protect teeth from external influences, helping to repair damaged teeth in both shape and chewing function.
Currently, there are 3 types of porcelain teeth that are most commonly specified, which are normal metal porcelain teeth, titanium porcelain teeth and full porcelain teeth. Let’s find out the advantages and disadvantages of each type with iMed to make the right choices when you need to restore teeth with porcelain crowns.
Ordinary metal porcelain teeth
Metal porcelain is porcelain with a metal inner core, covered with a thin layer of porcelain. The core can be made of chromium-nickel or chromium-cobalt metal
  • Low cost
  • Eat and chew well
  • After a period of use, the oxidized metal layer will turn into a dark gray color, causing blackening of the root of the tooth, unsightly for the patient.
  • The metal inside may cause irritation to the patient
  • It is easy to chip when the patient bites hard things
Titanium porcelain teeth
For titanium metal porcelain, the core is made of titanium – the metal with the highest biocompatibility and hypoallergenicity for the patient.
Advantages:  Compared with normal metal porcelain, titanium porcelain has:
  • Long life, less sensitive to hot and cold food
  • More durable than normal metal porcelain
However, after a period of use, if chewing is too hard or traumatized, titanium metal porcelain is still at risk of fracture.
Full porcelain teeth or all porcelain teeth?
All-porcelain teeth have an inner core that is also made directly from porcelain, an invention that marks the great development of cosmetic dental prosthetics. All-ceramic porcelain teeth are the most aesthetic teeth today. All-ceramic teeth themselves have many different product lines such as Emax, Cercon, Lava, Sagemax, HT Smile porcelain…
  • High aesthetic
  • Durable
  • Eat and chew well
  • Limited grinding, suitable for the anterior tooth area (area of teeth that need to be prioritized for aesthetics)
  • High price