Because eating habits and teeth hygiene in young children are often more difficult to control than adults, tooth decay in young children is quite common. To protect children’s teeth from cavities, pulpitis, broken teeth, even premature tooth loss, some methods of preventing tooth decay are often applied at iMed Dentistry:

1. Backup fluoride

Fluoride is a trace mineral that plays an important role in protecting tooth enamel, making teeth stronger. Fluoride is absorbed into the human body through drinking water, milk, salt … For children who have congenital poor tooth enamel or do not absorb enough fluoride through their usual forms of eating, they will need to supplement by applying fluoride directly to the tooth enamel.

The fluoride application procedure only lasts about 10 minutes and causes absolutely no pain or discomfort to the child. Children should apply fluoride to prevent tooth decay about every 6 months as prescribed by the doctor.

2. Trench pit sealant

The concept of sealant to prevent tooth decay or groove sealing is quite new and less popular in Vietnam. However, this method is quite popular abroad thanks to its good prevention of tooth decay. This method has been recommended by the American Association of Dentists (ADA) as one of the most effective methods of preventing tooth decay, especially for children.

At age 6, large permanent molars begin to erupt, with a complex groove pit structure that increases the risk of cavities, which gradually leads to large decays, deep into the pulp, which can lead to tooth loss.

So what is the sealant of the trench pit?

Trench pit sealant is to apply a layer of bioplastic to the sunken grooves on the chewing surface to create 1 smooth tooth surface that food can hardly accumulate, from which the baby is easy to clean and prevent tooth decay.

Is the groove pit sealant unpleasant or harmful to a child’s teeth?

  • The sealing is painless and does not take much time, nor does it require anesthesia
  • Sealant fillings are quick and pleasant, usually taking place in just one appointment
  • Sealant sealants with the same color as teeth color do not affect aesthetics
  • They can last for years.

However, you need to keep the habit of sending children to regular dental check-ups every 6 months to regularly check the condition of children’s teeth, avoiding the situation that the sealant is peeled and broken, causing tooth decay bacteria to penetrate to form cavities

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