“Scholarship does not mean stopping learning”, was the biologist Darwin’s answer to his son’s question about his continued research even in his old age, having become a famous scientist. At iMed dentistry, we deeply understand the important role of learning because with each passing day, our lives have new changes, new knowledge, new inventions are found and created by the human brain. Especially in this era of rapidly developing technology, if we stand still, we will quickly fall behind. Therefore, every year, the team of doctors in particular and staff in general at iMed dentistry constantly participate in courses, both online and offline, to improve their professional knowledge and receive new technologies in the dental industry.
At the end of 2019, Dr. Long participated in the course of Implant full jaw, cheekbone and facial reconstruction in Mykonos, Greece. The course is a great opportunity for experts from all over the world to share new knowledge, techniques and experience on specific clinical cases. With the knowledge gained from the world’s leading experts,  customers coming to iMed dentistry will surely receive the most advanced treatment by highly qualified specialists and the best quality of treatment.