Dear Customer,
After the end of the city-wide isolation period, iMed Dental will begin to open in the form of controlled distancing to serve the medical examination and treatment needs of our customers.
However, in order to ensure the safety of customers in particular and the community in general, the preventive work at iMed Dental Clinic is strictly organized with the following criteria:
1. All employees are only allowed to visit the clinic when health conditions are ensured.
2. All staff are fully equipped with standard personal protective equipment (PPE).
3. Clinic space and frequently exposed places are always disinfected regularly with specialized chemicals.
4. Instruments used for each patient are guaranteed to be sterile.
5. Minimize contact between customers, ensure the distance between customers (if any) is 2m.
In order to fulfill the above criteria, in addition to the efforts of the iMed team, we need the cooperation of our customers. Therefore, in this period, for each customer visiting iMed Dental Clinic, we would like to give some guidelines as follows:
1. Make an appointment before visiting the clinic.
2. Declare truthfully in the medical declaration provided by the clinic before visiting the clinic. If there are any signs of health problems, please contact the nearest clinic or medical facility directly for advice and assistance.
3. Arrive at the scheduled time to minimize contact with customers before and after. If you arrive earlier or later than the scheduled time, call the hotline for instructions.
4. When you come to the clinic, sign the declaration you have provided and sit in the prescribed position.
5. Always disinfect your hands before and after touching frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, pens, etc.
6. Always wear a mask before and after the examination and treatment.
7. Limit accompanying other people to the clinic (except for children who need a guardian to accompany them)
For the purpose of safe medical examination and treatment during the epidemic season, iMed Dental would like to thank our customers for their cooperation.