Cosmetic porcelain teeth is a beauty method that has been around for a long time, helping you to own bright white teeth and dream smile in just a few minutes.

Root canal treated teeth: After the pulp is removed, the teeth are no longer nourished, they will become fragile, break, need to take a porcelain outside to protect the teeth.
Teeth with bad color: teeth are severely stained due to fluorosis, tetracycline antibiotics, enamel hypoplasia… that cannot be overcome by bleaching
Teeth with bad shape: tooth deformity, too small or sparse in shape will need cosmetic porcelain teeth to change shape, improve aesthetics
Chipped, cracked, broken teeth: cracked or chipped teeth that are difficult to fix with dental fillings
Sparse teeth or little deviation: Porcelain teeth can also be applied to improve aesthetics in cases where the patient has no conditions for orthodontic treatment.
Loss of teeth: If you do not have the conditions to implant implants, you can consider the method of porcelain bridge to overcome the situation of lost teeth.
Step 1: Clinical examination and consultation
Depending on the condition of your teeth, your doctor will advise an appropriate treatment plan. For full-mouth cosmetic cases, the doctor will prepare for you personally a smile design profile, carefully analyze each aesthetic element on your face and simulate the design of your new teeth.
Step 2: Grind porcelain teeth
The doctor will administer anesthesia to grind the tooth.
Step 3: Get the restoration impression
The doctor takes impressions to make data for the lab technician to design suitable teeth. For cosmetic cases of front teeth or full jaw aesthetics, after taking impressions, you will be fitted with temporary teeth to ensure aesthetics and make chewing easier.
Step 4: Install the prosthesis
After checking the color, shape and fit of the porcelain teeth as well as the satisfaction of the patient, the doctor will proceed to fit the teeth and adjust the bite accordingly.
Step 5: Check and correct the bite
After about 1-2 weeks of using your new teeth, you will return to the clinic to check and correct your bite to ensure the most convenient chewing.
SOME CASE OF Aesthetic Restoration at iMED DENTAL

Case 1

Case 2

Case 3