Q: Are wisdom teeth required to be extracted?

A: Wisdom teeth often erupt with complications, affecting the adjacent teeth, so there are indications for extraction to avoid future consequences. However, in the latter case, wisdom teeth do not necessarily have to be extracted: Wisdom teeth grow erect, do not cause complications, you can clean yourself, do not leave food Wisdom teeth are directly related to important structures such as the maxillary sinuses, nerves … Patients with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, blood clotting disorders …

Q: Does wisdom tooth extraction hurt?

A: Wisdom tooth extraction is basically considered a minor surgery, with regional anesthesia before the procedure, so during the extraction process, you will have almost no pain. After the anesthesia is gone, the extracted tooth area will be a little sore for a few days.

Q: Is wisdom tooth extraction nerve-affected?

A: Some wisdom teeth can grow close to the neural tubes. Therefore, in some cases after tooth extraction, there will be a feeling of numbness at the tip of the tongue or lips, cheeks … This is due to mild nerve effects and these symptoms go away after a few days. Therefore, wisdom tooth extraction actually does not affect nerves as rumored.

Q: Can I remove all four wisdom teeth at once?

A: In theory, you can remove 1,2,3 or even 4 wisdom teeth in the same minor surgery. However, extracting 4 teeth at a time will make eating after extraction relatively difficult. Therefore, the doctor usually recommends that you remove 2 teeth on the same left or right side in one session.

Q: After one tooth is extracted, how long can I pull out the other?

A: After tooth extraction, it will take you about 1.2 weeks to heal, about 1 month later, the newly emerged gums will fill the acupuncture point. Therefore, a period of 2-4 weeks is appropriate for you to spit out the other side.

Q: After the tooth extraction, can I walk, speak normally, do I have to abstain from anything?

A: After tooth extraction, within 24 hours you should eat soft cold foods and avoid vigorous exercise. In addition, you still live, walk, and speak as usual. In some cases, after tooth extraction for about 1 day, your face may be slightly swollen. You do not need to worry too much because the swelling will gradually decrease in about 5-7 days.

Q: Thinking of tooth extraction is that I am psychotic and cannot anesthetize, can I choose anesthesia to extract my teeth to relieve fear?

A: If you don’t have any serious systemic health problems like cardiovascular… then you can remove the tooth with anesthesia at the hospital.

Q: Do I have to take antibiotics after tooth extraction?

A: Usually, you will be prescribed antibiotics after extraction to prevent infection. In some cases where it is not necessary, the doctor will only prescribe pain relief without antibiotics.

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