Currently, there are many orthodontic methods such as using removable tools, using braces or transparent orthodontic trays. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages and will be selected depending on the age, tooth condition, treatment goals as well as the wishes of each patient. Let’s find out this information with iMed dentistry before deciding on braces.

1. Orthodontics with removable tools

Typically, removable instruments are used during the growth phase to intervene early for deviations in a bone or group of teeth. The mounting tower jaw can be put on and removed from the mouth easily. Depending on the medical condition, the doctor will prescribe different types of removable instruments. Patients will carry their own jaws daily, possibly even at bedtime.

Advantages: fast, low cost, very high efficiency especially in the growth phase.

Disadvantages: loss of adaptation time, special entanglement in the initial stage, perishable, easy to lose, need the patient’s cooperation in wearing the jaw regularly to be effective.

Fixed orthodontics with braces are the most popular method today. This orthodontic system consists of the following parts:

  • Braces and bands are fixed to each tooth with a special adhesive material
  • The bowstring system passes through the braces to exert force in 3 spatial dimensions to move the teeth according to the treatment plan.
  • Spring system, rubber band support ..

Types of braces

  • Metal braces: are the most common types of braces

Advantages: low cost, good bearing, high durability

Disadvantages: not high aesthetics

  • Aesthetic braces (porcelain, composite braces): are braces designed to closely resemble the color of the teeth

Advantages: high aesthetics, standing at a distance almost invisible

Disadvantages: easy to peel, break and relatively high cost.

3. Transparent aligners (Invisalign) 

This is the modern orthodontic method that gives you the most comfort and comfort today.

After your doctor’s treatment plan is in place, a personally-made transparent aligner system adjusts your teeth in three spatial dimensions, moving step by step according to the aligners you wear over your mouth. Orthodontic results will be relatively simulated so you can know even if you haven’t started treatment.

Advantages: high aesthetics, pleasant to wear, the result is quite good when you adhere to the wearing of the aligners.

Cons: Because it is a removable tool, the result depends on your daily aligner wear. The efficiency is not high in cases of complex teeth. This method costs much more than the method using braces and bowstrings.

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