Missing a tooth usually doesn’t affect too much in the beginning except for a slight sensation… Missing teeth. But do not be subjective because research has shown that long-term tooth loss will lead to serious consequences

1st: Wrong bite and misalignment of teeth

Tooth loss not only reduces chewing force, affecting the ability to chew normally, but also causes distortion of the remaining teeth and bite disorders.

2nd: Socket osteolysis

After tooth loss, the bones around the socket begin to gradually dissipate, due to the natural rejection of the body, which can later cause denting.

3rd: Headache caused by tooth loss

When teeth are missing, the adjacent teeth will tilt in a random direction, the chewing force acts in an abnormal way, affecting the nerve connecting the two jaw bones, causing headaches, jaw muscle pain,… is a common symptom of temporomandibular dysmorphia.

4th: Premature aging

When you lose your teeth, your cheeks squeak, your face sags, and the skin around your mouth appears wrinkles that make your face look prematurely old.

5th: Incorrect pronunciation

After understanding these serious consequences, do not hesitate when you lose teeth, come immediately to the doctor to examine, examine and offer the most optimal treatment plan.

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