We all know the saying “prevention is better than cure” but the vast majority of us have the mindset of “losing cows to build a barn”, often when there is a disease (namely, toothache) to see a doctor. This makes treatment very difficult, complicated and expensive. So why don’t we learn from experience, protect the oral health of our children at an early age with these simple but effective preventive measures:

Periodic examination to check the health of teeth, early detection of tooth decay: deep examination through physical examination or X-ray film to detect lesions early to prevent widespread damage.

  • Sealant: dentists will fill the surface of mortar teeth with many deep holes, difficult to clean, high risk of decay. This makes it harder for teeth to cling to food and has no shelter for bacteria.
  • Redundancy with Fluorine: Flour plays an important role in the process of creating as well as regenerating tooth enamel.
  • Oral hygiene: instruct children to clean their teeth by brushing their teeth after meals, flossing, using water swabs instead of toothpicks.
  • Pay attention to nutrition for teeth: provide teeth with essential nutrients such as calcium, vitamin C, vitamin D to help protect healthy teeth from the inside.
  • Orientation of teething in the period of tooth replacement: Children in the period of tooth replacement need to be oriented to teething to have healthy permanent teeth. In case a child loses teeth prematurely, the jaw retaining space is the most reasonable way to help the child’s permanent teeth erupt in place later.
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