ike permanent teeth in adults, the baby teeth of small children when decayed or damaged always need to be restored to their original appearance to be able to perform their functions. And steel / pre-engineered plastic capture is an effective support tool for dentists in restoring children’s teeth.

Stainless steel crowns have been around since 1950, they are alloys of nickel, chromium and iron, made in a variety of sizes to suit each tooth.

When you have large broken molars, after root canal treatment, dentists will often make 1 “iron helmet” – steel capture to protect the tooth, reconstruct the shape of the tooth, keep the chewing function and keep the space until the replacement permanent teeth erupt.

As for the incisors, when there is decay, or “toothiness” makes children lose confidence when communicating, affecting speech, Composite plastic capture is a simple, effective solution that is very aesthetic.

Coming to iMed dentistry, children will be skillfully crafted by doctors to create “iron helmets” to protect their teeth to be assured of “eating the whole world” and confident with a bright smile.

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